Here are some frequently asked questions we get and the answers to those questions.

1. Do ordered photos have a watermark on them like is on the web site?

A - The answer is no. Watermarks are only on the web site in an effert to prevent others from stealing our work. All prints come without watermarks.


2. I want to order an 8x10 print, but the phote I will will not fit into that range. What can I do?

A - There are a few ways to work around that. One, select a similar image and see if it will fit. Two, if none of them fit, contact us to see if the photo may have been cropped in any way. If it has, we can see if the uncropped image will fit. Three, contact us about ordering a custom print where we can put a decorative border around the image to make it fit within an 8x10 size without those annoying black bars.


3. I am an interested in a particular product, but I don't see that listed.

A - Contact us with the product you have in mind and we can see if we can get that for you.


4. I am interested in ordering some older photos not on the web site. What can I do about this?

A - This particular site has been running since early 2013. Older photos were on a site where online ordering was not available. Due to the amount of time to upload all older photos, we cannot add to this site. If there is anything you know you are interested in, send us an email and we can tell you if we have it and can print it for you.


5. I am interested in a small order, but do not want to pay more for shipping than my order. Do I have any options?

A - Yes, there are several options. You may look to see if the online ordering offers a less expensive shipping method. If there is not, contact us and we can do a custom order and ship to you at a lower rate. Some exceptions do apply.